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Dive headfirst into the heart-pounding world of NASR Events, where each gathering is a meticulously crafted celebration, blending the symphony of speed, the artistry of skill, and the undeniable camaraderie of the racing community. Whether you’re a seasoned racer hungering for the next challenge or a passionate newcomer eager to test your limits, NASR Events invite you to be part of an immersive experience designed to awaken the thrill-seeker in you. 

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NASR Events cater to the racing soul in everyone, creating a haven where seasoned pros and passionate newcomers converge. Our meticulously designed gatherings transcend traditional events, offering an arena where the thrill of speed becomes a shared language, and the track becomes a canvas for unleashing the racer within.

Results are the only things worth focusing on.

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At NASR, we don’t just organize events; we curate experiences that resonate with the very essence of racing. Each gathering is a finely tuned orchestration of excitement and camaraderie, designed to ignite the spark of passion in every participant. Beyond the finish line, we invite you to become part of the shared pulse of the racing community, where every twist and turn becomes a shared story of triumph and camaraderie.

Results are the only things worth focusing on.

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Whether you’re chasing podium finishes or simply reveling in the joy of speed, NASR Events provide the perfect stage for you to unleash your racing spirit. Join us on this thrilling journey where every event is a chapter in the captivating narrative of speed, skill, and the unbreakable bonds forged on the track. Your racing legacy begins here, with NASR, where the community is as legendary as the races themselves.


30 MARCH 2024, NIGHT RIDE, pista Aloch @ Pozza di Fassa


Gear up for the adrenaline-charged Season 2 of the NASR ALPINE TEAM EVENT!
Get ready to hit the slopes once again and embark on an unforgettable journey of racing, jumping, music, and non-stop partying.

This year promises a plethora of exciting news, all wrapped up in two unchanging elements: URBAN STYLE and TEAM RACING.

1200 Prize money of the Race

– Race 1: $1200 – Gift Card for NASR Shop
– Gift Card for the Shop

01 RACING TOGETHER: Form Your Dream Team

Unleash the racing spirit with RACING TOGETHER!
Assemble your dream team – 3 girls and 3 men – and choose the best name to represent your crew.
In this unique event, there won’t be an individual classification; every athlete contributes points to their team.
Dive into the regulations to uncover more about this thrilling team-based challenge.

02 URBAN STYLE: Where Racing Meets the Party

Make a statement with URBAN STYLE – a fusion of racing and party vibes.
You decide whether you race as you party or party as you race. The choice is yours!
Note that race suits and costumes are off the table, but everything else is fair game.
Delve into the regulations for a deeper understanding of how URBAN STYLE adds a unique twist to the alpine experience.


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