Believe only in what you see

FW 23/24

Believe only in what you see

chapter 1


When we decided to create a new brand, we immediately focused on the winter collection. It was a natural step because the love for skiing is something that brings us all together in the Nasr team. Many of us are skilled and passionate skiers, with some even having had careers as athletes.

But before we started working on the designs, we set three important principles that became the foundation of our philosophy: FUNCTIONALITY, QUALITY, and SIMPLICITY.

In this section, we want to tell you why we chose these ingredients and how we "cooked" the winter collection

chapter 2


The first step we decided to focus on is functionality, a crucial aspect for us that often gets overlooked in favor of aesthetics and/or cost savings. It's a fact: anyone who loves skiing has experienced frustrating moments, like struggling to access pockets comfortably while on the chairlift, the inconvenience of a phone bouncing around in pockets, or even the hood of a jacket refusing to stay in place over the helmet.
Combining the experience of our creative director and those who have made skiing a true profession, we've adopted technical solutions to tackle these inconveniences. But we didn't stop there. We looked beyond the world of winter sports, drawing inspiration from sectors like motorsports and the military. In these fields, nothing is left to chance or is unnecessary; every detail is carefully designed to provide a tactical advantage.
In our clothes, you'll see a design that not only looks good but also pays attention to how it works. Every part has a clear job, planned to help you the most in every part of skiing.
You just worry about skiing, we take care of the rest.