The first edition of the NASR ALPINE TEAM EVENT, a giant slalom race, was staged on March 4, with a format revolutionized by two important innovations, the look, you race with a sweatshirt and pants cover in perfect urban style, and divided in squads, 3 boys and 3 girls age between 18-30 years old, competing in 3 runs, accompanied by music and video during the performance. A prize pool of 1200€ for the winning team, in vouchers, to spend in our E-commerce.

This first edition was won by the team “MAI MOLAR” composed by Ilary Castellan, Sol Zulian, Thomas Bonelli, Daniel Mattioli and Filippo Franceschetti. Three solid runs by all the components allowed the boys to take home the event ahead of “TOO FAST FOR LOVE”, while in the third place “LA BANDA DI NEW PORK” and closing the rankings “SCUOLA SCI FAI”, “TEAM SPORTMARKET” and “IRENE FAMILY TEAM”.

However, this was only the winter part, but soon the format will be transformed for the summer proposal, on the coast of the Garda Lake, where athletes from various disciplines will be able to try exciting proposals.

NASR people are FAST people, with this claim, speed, technique and style blend to offer the perfect NASR product, which will try to give answers to those who with sport decided to undertake a real way of life

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